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Dedicated to your Success

Personal Training should be just as it’s described; personal. That means a trainer should implement exercise programs designed specifically for the needs of clients while being personable and professional. The best personal trainers create a comfortable environment in which clients are inspired, focused, and driven to meet their fitness goals. When you put it all together it adds up to one thing, success! That’s what Weaver Personal Training Services is all about, your success.

What Can You Expect

Whether you’re new to fitness training or a seasoned veteran, you get a custom-tailored workout program designed to meet your unique fitness needs. Forget the crowds, smells, and intimidating atmosphere of the typical gym. At Weaver Personal Training you get total comfort in the luxury of a private workout studio outfitted with the highest quality commercial grade equipment available. And you’ll never have to wait for a machine or fumble around making adjustments. Everything will be set up before you arrive for a smooth, efficient, and maximized workout.

The Weaver Interactive Experience

Personal comfort, quality equipment, and top-notch instruction are guaranteed. But what makes Weaver Personal Training truly different from the rest is the interactive approach to personal training. Rather than standing around counting reps, you get a trainer that works with you utilizing both manual and negative resistance training techniques to help accelerate your results.

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What Our Members Say:

“My wife and I have been training with Nate Davis of Weaver Personal Training for about 2 years. We have improved significantly in our physical strength, endurance, and flexibility. During a recent shoulder injury, Nate worked together with my physical therapist to reinforce the exercises and conditioning that are helping me to recover. In addition, we have formed a personal friendship with Nate that we highly value.”

- Randall and Cheri Leaman