Just as with exercise, I simply used my own common sense and began to make better choices. It had been about eight months since the fateful day I decided to curl a plaster bag and my hard work began to bear fruit. Friends began to notice the changes in my body. Some of them actually though I was getting taller due to the fact that for the first time in years I was finally standing up straight. Their comments and encouragement inspired me work even harder, and I made it a point to never miss a workout. I even remember working out one night at midnight because I had friends over for dinner and I didn’t have time to workout earlier in the evening. At this point I began to realize I was becoming a living example and inspiration to many of the people I loved the most. As I would talk enthusiastically to them about my own fitness, I could almost see the wheels turning in their heads. I knew that most of them were thinking, “If he can do it, why can’t I!” What an incredible joy it was for me to know that I was inspiring them to do something so positive for their lives. It was right about this time that I began to think about becoming a personal trainer. My life had taken a truly amazing turn. I had firmly established excellent habits and my casual beginnings lifting plaster bags had morphed into a lifestyle. It had been like coming out of a long dark tunnel. I was lost, and suddenly had a new direction. Becoming a personal trainer seemed to be an excellent way in which to help others. I was learning so much at the time, that I felt that I could use this new found knowledge to help others get better, as well as faster results in a shorter period of time. My only problem was where do I turn to become a trainer. There were so many different certification organizations, and I was only interested in those that could really help jump-start my new career. The answer to my problem was short in coming. One day I was invited by one of my best friends, who was a endurance athlete to go running as he trained for an upcoming marathon. About two miles into our run, he said to me, “Hey, guess what I’m going to do”. As you can imagine, he was becoming a personal trainer! It seemed the gym that he belonged to had tapped an obvious talent, and asked my friend to become a part of their staff. He was about to take the Certified Personal Trainer course through the Nation Strength Professionals Association based in Timonium Maryland. With a little research, I realized what an excellent organization NSPA was and I took the CPT class with my friend.

In March of 2003 I received my CPT certification and began working in the fitness industry. I went on to test for NSPA’s more advanced certification, the CCS (Certified Conditioning Specialist) later that same year and then received that certification in early 2004. I then decided to study for one of the most difficult and coveted certifications the industry had to offer, the Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist certification offered by The National Strength and Conditioning Association. The NSCA’s CSCS certification is nationally and internationally recognized as one of the most prestigious and most difficult certifications to achieve. The test for the CSCS (a rigorous four hour exam) is considered one of the hardest, if not the hardest in all of the fitness industry. Well, after a year and a half of studying I took and passed CSCS exam on my first attempt in April of 2005.

Later that same year I took a bet with a good friend to see which one of us could get to the lowest body-fat through healthy diet and exercise techniques. We started in the new year, and after 12 weeks I achieved an all time low body-fat of 6.4%. In that time I learned more about proper nutrition and myself than I had since I started this amazing journey. During this time I also began to think more and more about starting my own personal training business. In early 2007 I opened Weaver Personal Training Services as a way to offer a more exclusive personal training experience as well as one that was more affordable.