Testimonial #1
I love the fact that my trainer developed a program that was right for me. Her training, genuine caring, and encouragement have pushed me to a place I only dreamed of. My blood work is now negative for pre-diabetic. I have a lot more energy. I feel younger. I am down several sizes in clothing. I am more confident and my body is more toned.

Dixie Horst

Testimonial #2
Weaver Personal Training has given me better results than any other facility. My trainer is encouraging, patient, and believes in my abilities. My muscle definition is showing, my flabby areas are firming up, and I have learned how to eat clean. All of this has helped tremendously to build a better body.

Tina Martin

Testimonial #3
The nutritional consult was a real eye-opener. We are eating better and wiser. It’s amazing how good tasting eating healthy can be. Training has become such an important part of our week and we really look forward to our workouts.

Don Youtz

Testimonial #4
I have been training with Weaver Personal Training for a little over 5 years. Today my back pain has resolved and I feel younger and stronger. Overall I have much more energy both at work and play. WPT's approach to strength training is results oriented. My decision to work with them ranks as one of my better and more important decisions in life, and I recommend them both personally and professionally to anyone willing to improve their health and well being.

Bruce A. Brod MD

684 West Main St., New Holland, PA 17557