Do they keep an accurate log of your workouts?
This is a topic of debate among trainers. In my opinion, a trainer should keep a detailed and accurate log of every workout for you. If your trainer doesn’t keep a workout log, how can they remember what weight for a specific exercise they’ve used for you in the past, or how many reps you got at that weight from before. Most importantly, how do they know if you’re ready to advance with a specific area of your program? Can they remember where your strong points are in your program, and where you need to improve? Most of my clients want to know when they’ve improved, and want to review previous workout logs to gauge their progress. Even if your trainer doesn’t keep a log, you still should be able to tell and know when you’re improving from workout to workout. However, a trainer’s workout log will give you a much more detailed and specific overview of your entire program. Thus allowing you and your trainer to streamline your program and achieve optimal results as quickly as possible.